This page shows many of the non-monetary awards and recognition I have directly received. I have been directly or indirectly responsible for many other achievements, good press, corporate recognition and grants given to my employers, coworkers, managers and directors who have been given credit (or in some cases promotions) as a result of my work.

US Navy - 1984

Awarded for superior scholastic achievement in Basic Electronics Training.

US Navy 1984

Meritorious Advancement.

US Navy 1986

Squadron Safety Ribbon.

US Navy 1987

Advancement to Petty Officer.

US Navy 1988

Honorable Discharge with Good Conduct medal.

NCR Corporation 1990

US Group, Consistent Achiever Award, This photo depicts me receiving the trophy from the Vice President of the US Group at NCR World Headquarters in 1990. Others depicted in this photo include my Management from my direct manager to my Assistant Vice President.

NCR Corporation 1992

US Group, Quarterly Award 4th Quarter for developing a application called 'Help Desk Utilities' which included an online system simulation lab allowing our help desk staff to simulate conditions and visualize the various supported systems while assisting online customers. The HDU system also tied into multiple mainframe databases and streamlined the user input by providing a single point of data entry.

AT&T Global Information Solutions 1994

Award for helping to setup the 'Americas Customer Service and Support Center'.

AT&T Global Information Solutions 1994

Great Performance Award Nominee - For developing a Time Management and Payroll Program used by various divisions throughout AT&T Global Information Solutions.

AT&T Global Information Solutions 1994

Perfect Attendance Award 1994. (I had perfect attendance since 1989 but for some reason they gave me an award for it in 1994.

AT&T Global Information Solutions 1995

Great Performance Letter - Presented to me after the AT&T GIS Technical Education Center adopted my new Payroll and Time Accounting program.

NCR Corporation July 1995

Great Performance Recognition.

NCR Corporation May 1995

Great Performance Recognition.

AT&T Global Information Solutions 1996

Great Performance Award Nominee - Presented by Senior Vice President Americas Group. For developing an automated Call center reporting system with real time TV displayed call center statistics complete with alarms and auto manager paging when configurable thresholds were exceeded. This system tied into the Americas Call Center G3r Switch BCMS and CMS reporting systems. Other notable systems developed during that period included automated parts ordering and return processes and a support system for the Wal-Mart account and an online network resource consolidation tool.

NCR Corporation 1997

Awarded upon my resignation from NCR after 9.5 years of service from 1988 to 1997.

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center 2002

'Whatever it Takes' Award June/July. Recognition granted by CCHMC Information Services department directors to one recipient every other month.

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center 2004

Unsung Hero Award Granted by the Medical Staff Services Department for leading a team of developers in the creation of a single Unified Physicians Information Repository (UPIR).

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center 2007

Service & Standards Award nomination. Monthly peer to peer recognition for demonstrating CCHMC C.A.R.E.S. (Courteous, Attentive, Respectful, Enthusiastic and Safe) behaviors in my daily work.