Your mind is your key... don't just sit there, unlock reality!

The Ultimate Experience!

Think about it, your mind is the computer that processes all physical, visual and audio input from your body and produces everything you experience. What if I told you that your mind is capable of turning these inputs off and going wild with the possibilities of your imagination, opening up to the whims of your awake conscious self while in full control of your own reality. Have you ever heard of the 'Holo-Deck' in the Star Trek series? This is as close as you can get and it's even better! Your mind is capable of creating an entire reality in which you can see, hear, taste, smell and feel.

Lets take it up a notch, you can fly, travel great distances and even witness worlds alien to anything you can possibly imagine. I'll even go one better, you can actually leave your body, spy on your friends, see and witness things that should be impossible! You probably think I'm full of it, but it's TRUE, and if you don't believe me simply try it for yourself.

Why wait until you're dead to see what's on the other side!

Scientific studies have been done and it has even been simplified into a process of sending simple audio tones into each ear called Hemi-Sync. You can find stereo Hemi-Sync tapes out there for under $10.00 or simply learn to do this without anything but good old fashioned concentration.

Warning, Like near death experiences, once you have successfully done this, your views on reality and your place in the universe may change drastically. I learned to do this while in the U.S. Navy. At first I thought that it was a fun thing to try, but as I did it more and more, and started to realize the impact of what I was doing and seeing, it forced me to re-examine all of my core beliefs, and I have to tell you, this can be very depressing. It totally blew away most of my perceptions about how I thought the universe worked, both physical and non physical. I found that there is ALLOT we (the human race) do not know and ALLOT we THINK we do know which seems to be wrong. This is not for the timid, if you have a fragile or strong religious belief systems that you do not want to question, then do not attempt this!

You can start learning about the ropes now or wait until your dead to start, in the end, we all have to make this journey. And from what I can tell, this journey will take a very LONG time to complete.

To avoid making people uncomfortable, this is not something that I talk about with my friends and family very much. I have learned that the typical response is disbelief and strange stares. If you do go down this path, I recommend that you try to contain your excitement and be very selective about who you share this information with.

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