John A. Reder

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Myers-Briggs Type Indicator: ENTJ
Logic IQ score: 164

Interested in recruiting me?

I’m pretty happy where I work today, but would be open to a senior position leading a team working within the software/solution/technology/development space, combining technologies, systems architecture design and implementation, process development and automation and operationalization, using my 33 years of experience in electronics, systems administration, analyzing technologies, software development and a strong desire to be part of the solution and bring about order from chaos using my key strength …creative problem solving. J


Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, Lead Software Developer, Platform Owner - Cincinnati, Ohio

Developed too many applications and tools to chronicle here. I started as an application developer moving through every version of Visual Studio since VB6. We have tried many of the team development models, ultimately sticking with Agile and project management and automated deployments using VSTS. About 8 years ago my team merged with the interface development team where I’ve helped design and build out fault tolerant platforms and automated issue sensing systems and support for them. My responsibilities have expanded into bigger picture platform growth, advising their administrators and overseeing upgrades and expansion while standardizing on common practices around them. Currently this includes Microsoft IIS environments, CA API Gateways and Portals, Mirth Connect servers, TIBCO Business Works and Business Events environments, Informatica, Microstrategy, and Business Objects. These are Backed by Oracle, MS SQL/SSRS, PostgreSQL, MySQL, TIBCO EMSAs, and Teradata Servers. We are leveraging vSphere/vRealize and AIX for Virtualization and are starting to move to Containers using Docker. I have developed business and clinical applications that have been used throughout the enterprise for years and actually developed the first enterprise wide web based clinical application used by physicians in direct patient care for the hospital. I have developed some of the first patient care portals to be used by hospitals, and have presented my work at the international Family Centered Care conference in 2007.


NCR Corporation / AT&T Global Information Solutions


Field Engineer - Cincinnati, Ohio

Duties included traveling to customer sites and repairing computer hardware and software problems.


Technical Support Analyst - Dayton, Ohio

Duties included providing technical support to Field Engineers and customers in a help desk environment. Performing systems and database administration and software development. Major account project management and providing product support training. The contracts I lead ran from Firestone multi-terminal POS/Inventory systems to supporting X Windows developers adapting to a Commodore Amiga UNIX S5V4 port. While working in this role I took the initiative to automate and simplify the work process by developing a system that became known as Help Desk Utilities (HDU) this allowed easy call logging and included working simulated models of the systems we supported including their hardware components. Download This for a Demo of HDU. I was a self taught programmer at this point. I was awarded the NCR North American Division 1990 Consistent Achiever award for automating most of the Help Desk workflows.


North American Dispatch and 2nd Level Support Center - Miamisburg, Ohio

Duties included Providing workstation and database solutions, hardware and application support. Software development using Visual Basic, QuickBasic, C, HTML and Java designing and supporting hundreds of applications. Other duties included AT&T G3r phone switch administration and report interface development, ORACLE database administration and report development, Lotus Notes Server administration. UNIX server support and administration, Novell Server administration, NT Server administration, LAN administration and workstation design and rollout.


I wore many hats with the simple title of

Systems Administrator

UNIX Administrator / Oracle DBA / Reports designer

Desk Side Support / Software Support / Systems Upgrades

Software Developer - reports and process automation/integration

NCR/AT&T GIS Network Engineer Certified

Novell CNE/CNA certified

G3r Phone switch and CMS administrator


Radio Systems Installer and Closed Circuit TV Repairman for Combined Technologies Inc. - Cincinnati, Ohio – Installed antennas on radio towers as high as 750 feet tall.  Not my favorite job, I only worked there for 6 months when NCR made me an offer.




U.S. Navy – Aviation Electronics Technician. Honorably Discharged as a Petty Officer Third Class (AT3). The majority of my Cold War enlistment was with Tactical Electronics Warfare Squadron 33 (VAQ-33 – Naval Air Station Key West Florida.)

Noteworthy Strength in EPIC Environments:

At the time of updating this resume' EPIC Software is the 800lb gorilla in the healthcare industry. I was fortunate enough to attend some Epic developer training at their Madison Wisconsin headquarters. To qualify you must submit code in both MUMPS (using the M Standard) and Visual Basic 6.0 (their Hyperspace product uses ActiveX heavily). If you prove your level of proficiency is high enough you are allowed to attend their chronicles developer training classes. Having been involved in one of their largest Epic implementations, I'd like to mention a skill I offer that seems to really add value. A large challenge when implementing this suite of products comes from migrating and integrating data from existing systems into the various EPIC modules. I have been very successful in developing automated EPIC j^import xml (.xls) files that can be dynamically generated from existing non-Epic systems. This gives your organization the ability to either simplify the migration of data from non-Epic systems into the new Epic system. This is not like developing Hl7 interfaces for real-time system to system transactional data. This is very useful when you cannot use known Epic Bridges interface solutions and still need to migrate data into Epic on a regular basis. This is for importing large data chunks into Epic using the Epic j^import tools. I was able to resolve some 11th hour system data integration issues by developing dynamic imports that leverages these tools to synchronize the Epic data with data generated within existing systems. I was also able to develop tools which allowed our institution to keep some existing processes and approval workflows in place allowing them to keep using a known good solution and generate regularly timed imports to update the Epic product with the recent changes. Tools such as this lessen the pain of a Epic implementation and allow your organization the freedom to keep known successful processes and systems in place.

Summary of Strengths:

#1 Strength: Action Oriented. When people need something done, they come to me. I am a self-starter who accomplishes goals and follows through on ideas.

#2 Strength: Creativity. I am a one-person idea factory. If someone gives me a blank slate I'll have it filled in no time. I'm innovative and resourceful.

#3 Strength: Persistence. The word "quit" is not in my vocabulary. I work hard, always keeping my goals in mind and I persevere through whatever it takes to make it happen.

#4 Strength: People Person. I am confident, outgoing and friendly. I have depth of understanding and caring. I listen with genuine empathy and am truly interested in people. I am energized by my interactions with others.

#5 Strength: Persuasion. I have a knack for influencing others and confidence in my ability to sell. I easily understand others' points of view and fine-tune my negotiations accordingly. I try to balance quick thinking with a warm and caring demeanor.

I started writing computer software as a hobbyist since the first personal computers hit the consumer market in 1981 and have been developing software professionally since around 1990. Over the years preceding 1990 and into my software development career path, I have had many additional responsibilities that included electronics analysis and repair, service/support desk, PC repair, server administration and repair, network design and administration, database design and administration and phone switch administration. My skills and professional business needs have exposed me to many operating systems, software development frameworks, numerous hardware platforms and most database technologies. The one thread that ties all of these experiences together is my drive to produce results. I'm willing to learn and master almost any technology that will allow me to reach any goal that is set.

I enjoy being the person at the center of a project that delivers quality work and a product/solution that best suits the needs of my customers and coworkers.  My software development strengths shine brightest when I'm called upon to do agile and extreme programming tasks, delivering quick results to best fit an immediate need and a deliverable/product that is strong enough to stand on its own for many years.

I have written software for many types of systems over the years, some as a hobbyist and others as a professional. I can say that I’m the only developer I know in my field that has written large scale enterprise wide applications completely on my own for one of the largest pediatric hospitals in the world, I've sold and published applications and video games for early (TRS-80/C64) and modern PC’s including a many console games for the Atari 2600 and the Nintendo Game Boy Advance. I have even developed my own computer A.I. language for use in one of my products. I can boast that I have written software in over a dozen different computer languages. Schools, businesses and governments have licensed my software; Universities and students have used my software as the basis for Artificial Intelligence research and thesis development (reference: Proceedings of the 1999 Congress on Evolutionary Computation). Some of my products have even been featured and included on disk in a major computer gaming magazines (with hundreds of thousands of subscribers). Many products of mine have been featured on published CD compilations. I have products for sale on Google Play and Amazon. Several of my Atari creations have been published on cartridges and have been included on 4 generations of the Atari Flashback Console produced by the current Atari Brand owner ATGames for sale in many stores like Toys-R-Us, Bed Bath and Beyond.

I believe that my interpersonal skills, knowledge of electronics, microcontrollers, operating systems, software development (both agile and team engineered), network engineering, database management, customer service, business development, marketing, process development, process improvement and project management have prepared me for almost any challenge in the I.T. industry. I can provide the insight of someone who has been a part of most aspects of this industry and as someone who has grown in skills alongside of the technologies as they emerged.


Hobbies and interests:


Astronomy, Physics, Cosmology and collecting or recreating classic video games from the 8-bit era. Programming and marketing software. Maintaining and selling my creations through my website ( Design and construction of full size Arcade cabinets. Developing video games for the PC and the Nintendo Game Boy Advance. I also like to tinker with programming Arduino microcontrollers creating various electronics projects for fun. If you are interested in learning more, Google my name or some of my products and you'll see that there are hundreds of references available. I feel pride in finding that many people who do not know me have taken the time to use, review or include my products in their inventories. I really appreciate those who have sent me hart-warming letters telling me how my work has influenced their lives. That means more to me than any profit I have earned from them.

References, awards, certifications, 30 years of excellent performance evaluations and training records are available upon request.