PC Game Rating Matrix

This is my currect game library.

These ratings are formed from my overall opinion of the program based on the following factors: performance, replay value, graphics, sound and story. The performance factor is based on my current hardware configuration:
AMD Anthelon 2100 CPU / Soyo Mother Board
ATI Radeon 9600 Pro 128MB Graphics 3D card
SB Live 3D PCI Sound card
20x CD-ROM
At this time everything runs very smooth!

Half Life 23D Shooter
Battle For Middle Earth3D Strategy
Tribes Vengence3D Shooter
Doom 33D Shooter
Tron 2.03D Shooter
BattleField 19423D Shooter
BattleField 1942: Road to Rome3D Shooter
BattleField 1942: Secret Weapons3D Shooter
Mechwarrior Mercenaries3D Shooter
Command and Conquer: Renegade3D Shooter
Baldars Gate II (including expansions)2D RPG
Star Wars Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast3D Shooter
Dungeon Siege3D RPG
Serious Sam: The Second Encounter3D Shooter
Metal of Honor: Allied Assult3D Shooter
Return to Castle Wolfenstein3D Shooter
Ghost Recon3D Shooter/Sim
Max Payne3D Shooter
MECHWARRIOR 4: Black Knight3D Shooter/Sim
Serious Sam: The First EncounterUltimate 3D Shooter
Giants: Citizen Kabuto3D Shooter/RTS
No One Lives Forever3D Shooter
Quake III: Team Arena3D Shooter
American McGee's Alice3D Shooter/Adventure
Sacrifice3D RTS
ClusterBall3D Flying Sport
Star Trek: Elite Force3D Shooter
Crimson Skies3D Sim/Flight/Shooter
MDK 23D Shooter
Allegience3D Networked Space Combat
Soldier of Fortune3D Adventure
Fresspace 23D Space Combat
Battlezone 23D Strategy/Shooter
Quake III Arena3D Shooter
Half-Life: Opposing Force3D Shooter
Omikron3D Adventure
HomeWorld3D Space Strategy
System Shock 23D Adventure
Re-Volt3D Racing
Outcast3D Adventure
Drakan3D Adventure
Midtown Madness3D Racing
Heavy Gear II3D Shooter
StarSiege: TRIBES3D Shooter
Shogo3D Shooter
Unreal3D Shooter
MDK3D Shooter
Total AnnihilationStrategy
Command & ConquerStrategy
Half-Life3D Shooter
MechWarrior 23D Shooter
Quake II3D Shooter
Rise of the Triad (Multiplayer)3D Shooter
Twinsens OdysseyAdventure
Battlezone3D Shooter
Jedi Knight3D Shooter
Tomb Raider3D Shooter
EICHELON3D Flight Combat
Dog Fighters3D Flight Combat
EARTH 21503D Strategy
Heavy Metal FAAK 23D Adventure
KISS Psycho Circus3D Shooter
Ground Control3D Combat
Dark Rein 23D Strategy
Shogun: Total War3D Strategy
Deus Ex3D Shooter
Mobil 1 Rally3D Race Simulation
Tachyon3D Space Combat
High Heat Baseball 20013D Sports Sim
Wheel of Time3D Adventure
Mechwarrior 3: Pirate Moon3D Shooter
Unreal Tournament3D Shooter
Star Wars Episode 1 Racer3D Shooter
Dikitania3D Shooter
Recoil3D Action/Simulation
Brunswick Circuit Pro Bowling3D Bowling Simulation
European Air War3D WWII Simulation
Force 213D War Strategy
Expert Pool3D Pool Simulation
Slave Zero3D Shooter
Ultima IX3D Adventure
CyberSound Studio 3.0Music
MechWarrior 33D Shooter
StarSiege3D Shooter
Myth 2Strategy
Thief: Dark Project3D Shooter
Heretic II3D Shooter
F-22 Lightning IIFlight Simulator
Darklight ConflictSpace Simulation
Destruction DerbyRacing
Destruction Derby 2Racing
Foresaken3D Shooter
Heroes of Might & MagicStrategy
Heroes of Might & Magic IIStrategy
Independence WarSpace Simulator
Dungeon KeeperStrategy
NHL 98Hockey
Total Annihilation: Core ContingencyStrategy
Command & Conquer: Red AlertStrategy
Heroes of Might & Magic IIIStrategy
Extreeme Assult3D Shooter
Sin3D Shooter
MechWarrior 2: Ghost Bears legacy3D Shooter
MechWarrior 2: Mercenaries3D Shooter
MechWarrior 2: Titanium Trilogy3D Shooter
Interstate '763D Shooter
Quake3D Shooter
Grim FandangoAdventure
Jedi Knight: The Mysteries of Sith3D Shooter
Warcraft 2Strategy
Warcraft 2: the Dark PortalStrategy
Links LS 1997Golf
Links LS 1999Golf
Wing Commander IVSpace Simulation
Wing Commander: ProphesySpace Simulation
iconMindstorms: RoboticsEducational
Software TitleCategoryRating
Project IGI (I'm Going In)3D Shooter/Adventure
Atari PONG3D Arcade
Atari Centepede3D Arcade
Atari Missile Command3D Arcade
NFL Fever 20003D Football Simulation
Sinistar3D Space Shooter
Command & Conquer: Tyberium SunStrategy
Roller Coaster TycoonSimulation
Falcon 4.0Flight Simulator
FLY!Flight Simulator
Total Annihilation: Kingdoms3D Shooter
Ailens vs Preditor3D Shooter
Requium: Fallen Angel3D Shooter
Uprising 2: Lead and Destroy3D Shooter
Rougue Squadron 3D3D Shooter
Civilization II: GoldStrategy
Tripple Play 1997Baseball
Trespasser3D Shooter
EF-2000Flight Simulator
Flying CorpsFlight Simulator
SSNSubmarine Simulator
Fade to Black3D Shooter
Earthseige 23D Shooter
G-Police3D Shooter
Absolute ZeroSpace Simulator
Tank Commander3D Shooter
Williams Arcade ClassicsArcade
Daggerfall3D Adventure
Urban Assult3D Shooter
Age of EmpiresStrategy
You Don't know JackPuzzle
You Don't know Jack SportsPuzzle
Close CombatStrategy
Warlords IIIStrategy
Winter Race 3DWinter Sports
Uprising3D Shooter
Galapagos3D Puzzle
Army MenShooter
Cyber WarAdventure
Zephyr3D Shooter
Knight MovesPuzzle
Mega RaceRacing
Comanche3D Shooter
Blood & MagicStrategy
ApacheFlight Simulator
Magic Carpet3D Shooter
Sentinel ReturnsPuzzle
Space Bunnies Must Die3D Shooter
Duke Nukem 3D3D Shooter
Hexen 23D Shooter
Heavy Gear3d Shooter
Return to ZorkAdventure
Cyberia3D Shooter
Starfleet AcademySpace Simulation
Klingon Honor Guard3D Shooter
Mech CommanderStrategy
Dark EarthAdventure
Magic the GatheringStrategy
Dark Forces3D Shooter
Star Wars: RebellionStrategy
Tomb Raider II3D Shooter
JSFFlight Simulator
Deathtrap Dungeon3D Shooter
Under a Killing MoonAdventure
Final Fantasy VIIAdventure
Wing Commander IIISpace Simulation
Crusader: No RemorseShooter
Rainbow Six3D Shooter
Wichhaven3D Shooter
FIFA SoccerSoccer
US Navy FightersFlight Simulator
CyberBykes3D Shooter
Scorched Planet3D Shooter
Game Programming Construction KitEducational
Tec War3D Shooter
Hexen (jHexen)3D Shooter
Heritic (jHeretic)3D Shooter
Doom (jDoom)3D Shooter
Doom 2 (jDoom2)3D Shooter
Messiah3D Adventure
Force Commander3D Strategy