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File NameElementsofText.kbd
Contributors NameJanice Davis (Speech Pathologist)
Description of MapElements of Text/Literature. This could be added to the Categories page
Date Uploaded7/21/2011 1:23:12 PM
1st person2nd person3rd person limited3rd person omniscientPlotPoetry
SettingThe time in historyactionsallegoryalliterationallusionanimalantagonistappearanceapproximate rhymeasideassonance
atmosphereballadblank versecharacter's wordsclimaxconflictconsonancecoupletsdialoguedirect presentationdramatic ironydramatic poetry
dynamic characterend rhymeepic poetry epilogueexact rhymeexpositionexternal conflictfictionfigurative languageflashbackflat characterfoil
foil characterfootforeshadowingfree versehaikuhyperboleiambic pentameterimageryindirect presentationinternal conflictinternal rhymeirony of the situation
lyric poetrymachinemetaphormetaphor/similemonologuenarrative poetrynaturenovelobjectiveof herof himonomatopoeia
oxymoronparadoxperson vs. personperson vs. selfpersonificationpoint of viewprologueproseprotagonistpunrefrainresolution
rhymerhythm/meterround characterscanningscansionscansion/scanningshort storysimilesituational ironyslantslant/approximate rhymesociety
soliloquysonnetstage directionsstanzastatic characterstructuresupernaturalsuspensesymbolsymbolismtechnologytechnology/machine
the furniturethe time of daythe weatherthemethoughtstoneverbal ironywhat other characters thinkwhat the character thinksCategories

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