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File NamePrepositions2.kbd
Contributors NameJohn Reder
Description of MapEnhanced Prepositions 2 of 2
Date Uploaded7/27/2011 4:53:11 PM
oppositeoutout fromout ofoutsideoutside of
overowing topacepastperplusprior topropursuant toquaregardingregardless of
right ofroundsanssavesinceso assubsequent tosuch asthanthanks tothat ofthrough
untoupuponversusviavicevis--viswhenwhere aswhilewithwith regard to
with respect towithinwithoutworthCategories

When downloading please set the file name to 'Prepositions2.kbd' then copy/save it into your keyboards directory.
Use your Keyboard Assistant Help option to locate and open this directory on your local system. Once you download a new keyboard don't forget
to reference it by adding a purple keyboard button in Edit mode to the keyboard you wish to open it from. Set the text in that new button to match
the keyboards file name which is 'Prepositions2' in this case. You may add spaces within this text, but you do not need to add
the '.kbd' extension to this button name.