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Space Force! for the Vectrex
Vectrex ROM (.bin file) for PC emulation or writable cartridge play on the Vecrex Console
(CGE / Milton Bradley).

Vectrex Game Selection


Get the ROM file here - version 1.0.


John A. Reder Presents Space Force! © 2020 John A Reder, all rights reserved. Welcome to the newest branch of the United States military! Space is less glamorous than fighting aliens at warp speeds. In todayís world the reality is that we mainly deal with putting militarized killer satellites into orbit and maintaining them. Your job is to put supply pods into orbit for them to collect as needed. The killer satellites circle the planet at high speeds ad your job is to distribute the pods into orbit while avoiding collision with the killer satellites. Sounds simple right? Well letís hope so, you only get one life! Do your best! Controls: Joystick Launch and maneuver your Rocket. Button 1 Deploy Pod Button 3 Pause and show current score Button 4 Reset Game Strategy: You are safe when on the ground. Look for satellite patterns that leave a space or you to launch and distribute your pods. You can only carry up to 2 pods at a time. Pods ready for your service appear on the lower left on your base. When you land they are auto-loaded onto your Rocket and you are ready to launch. The killer satellites increase in speed as you score points.

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A.I. Wars
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A.I. Wars

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AI Wars 3D

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