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Amazon. woman uses a water fountain to cool off in a park in New Delhi. Photograph: Daniel

"I enjoy moderating this subreddit because Amazon reviews are really the gift that keeps on giving since it really is a great medium for capturing a neat essence of human nature," u/Pzreich concluded. Not Entirely Sure This Is For Real

In the first two months since its launch, Rings of Power has driven more Prime sign-ups globally than any other Amazon Original. Let's also consider that Amazon saw an effect from FX which has crushed big tech earnings so far. By the way, this is one of the reasons I am not that worried about some of the results because I still see a business that is growing organically by double digits. Just imagine what may happen to the stock if next year the USD weakens and Amazon's international results see a boost from favorable FX. Anyways, the FX headwind this time shrunk the international new membership revenue from what would have been a 12% growth on a constant currency basis to a -5%. A 17 percentage point impact is quite big. This means that actually international members may have risen by more than 2 million. In fact, if we take out FX, the $187 million increase in subscription revenue may be around $225 million. This would make me believe that new subscriptions came in at 2.5 million.

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a.i. wars
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a.i. wars

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