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Shield Shifter for Atari 2600 - By John A. Reder

Reder's Shield Shifter - (c) 2009 by John A. Reder, all rights reserved.

Emulator Controls:
 Space = player 1 shoot
 Arrows = move player 1
 Ctrl = player 2 shoot
 F, H = move player 2 left and right
 A = player 2 drop Sticky Bomb

How to begin from title screens:
* To start Single player Mode = press fire on Player 1 Joystick.
* To start Two player Mode = press fire on Player 2 Joystick.
Player 1 Objective:
* The game ends when you loose all three of your fighter ships.
* You score 500 points for each alien Queen destroyed. 

* You score 1 point for each first level shield block destroyed.

* You score 5 points for each second level shield block destroyed. 

* You score 10 points for each third level shield block destroyed. 

* The Alien Queen shoots lasers and drops sticky bombs. Sticky 
  Bombs will block your ships path for a few moments.

* The spaceship moves closer to the shields after every 10th Queen 
  is destroyed. (this stops once you are very close to the shields!)
Player 2 Objective (Two player mode):
* Kill player 1's ship 3 times to end the game.

* Prevent player 1 from obtaining a high score.